Local Deals

Your experience in Chickasaw Country will be better than ever when you take advantage of our local deals! From shopping and dining discounts to hotel packages and more, each month we share fantastic savings and to help you get more for less while exploring Chickasaw Country!

  1. Deal of the Month - Exhibit C

    Exhibit C • Oklahoma City, OK

    This month is Exhibit C's three year anniversary. To celebrate, we are taking 10% off ANYTHING in the store (including consignment items). 

    (*Offer valid through July, 2017)

  2. 15% off Cloverleaf Apparel

    Cloverleaf • Ardmore, OK

    Now through the end of July, Cloverleaf in Ardmore is offering 15% off regularly priced apparel. Stop in for your chance to snag something unique at a fantastic price!

  3. Sole'renity Spa

    SoleĀ’'renity Spa • Sulphur, OK

    Repair Your Skin From The Harmful Summer Sun

    Summer’s harsh rays made your skin dry and dull?

    Let us help you repair your skin from dry layers, impurities and clogged pores with an exfoliating facial and/or peel treatment.

    Reserve an Advanced Anti-Aging HydraFacial Treatment and receive a complimentary Procell Collagen Eye Treatment!  

    Price: $210
    Value: $250

    Are you noticing more wrinkles or loose and sagging skin lately?

    Restore the elasticity in your skin and reduce wrinkles with injectables. If you are considering injectables, we can help! We have experts with many years of experience that are ready to help you take years off your face but still look natural, not frozen.

    Reserve a consultation and let us help you look younger!

    Receive a complimentary $25 Gift Voucher with your first Botox or Fillers Treatment!

  4. Chisholm Trail Heritage Center

    Chisholm Trail Heritage Center • Duncan, OK

    In appreciate for all the fans of Chickasaw Country, the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center is offering $2 off admission! Swing by Duncan this summer and learn how the west was won right here in Oklahoma.

  5. CTS Cup Deal

    Visit any of the Chickasaw Travel Stop locations and purchase your special CTS cup for $3.99 and get unlimited $.69 cent refills!